The Realm of Correu is currently featured in two gaming sessions run by John S. Drew.

The first is a game played by adults for over a year, using the first edition Dungeon & Dragons rules, who have traveled along the western coast of a Celtic-like continent. This area has been plagued by slavers, raiding parties from the nearby Roman-like continent, and random attacks by Drow elves who were thought to be all but extinct. In addition, there have been recent appearances by portals which have the ability to transport a person forwards or backwards in time.

Creatures from the past and future have appeared suddenly and inhabitants of Correu have found themselves disappearing into time.The second game is played by eight-year-olds. They are just learning the game and thus use the Basic edition Dungeons & Dragons rules. They too are on the Celtic continent. They are the ones responsible for creating the rifts in time that are plaguing the realm. They were given a chance by the goddess Brigid to escape an island that had been overrun by monsters. So great was her fury in eliminating the monsters that she tore open the fabric of time and space and now the realm is off balance.

This lack of balance has emboldened the forces of darkness and a greater threat than slavers, Drow, and Romans looms in the near future.



Holly Fire

The Realm of Correu