The Realm of Correu

Session 22 - July 16, 2009
Where the hell are we?

Having defeated the evil wizard and returned the king to his throne, the party wanted to explore the castle a little further. The king thought it an odd request as he had already rewarded them handsomely, but they insisted that there may be more evil. Kittay was curious about what lay in the locked study. The king was more concerned with why his newly converted men were so afraid to go down into the dungeon. He gave Kittay an opportunity to search the study and in doing so, she discovered a spell book, a book on glyphs and wards, and a book on potion making. Satisfied, the party turned their attentions to the dungeon.

They asked the king for men and again, considering he was rewarding them for their efforts and because of his concern for his newly converted men, he thought it an off request. He granted them two volunteers who took the rear guard as the party advanced down the stairs into the dungeon. Their newly found ally, Bakari, agreed to accompany them. Just as they reached the bottom of the stairs, there was a flash of bright light. Cheddar and Kittay disappeared in a glowing ball of light that materialized on the floor.

It was one of the energy portals created by the wrath of Brigid. It had whisked the two away to who knew where. The party argued about their next course of action, thinking perhaps they should continue to explore the dungeon. Bakari tried to rescue the two by shooting an arrow threw the portal with a rope attached to it. It struck Kittay. As they pulled her upward, the portal disappeared, cutting them off from the two. They decided to explore the dungeon.

Meanwhile, Kittay and Cheddar found themselves outside an abandoned temple. They found several ways to get inside, but the one they chooice to walk through was the entrance where the door had been broken down. They wandered through some corridors, discovering sections of the temple that were completly in disarray, while others had been recently reinforced to keep the walls and ceiling from falling.

Back at the castle, the party learned that the horror of the dungeon was the energy portal and not the dungeon as the dungeon contained only three cells that were empty. They reported their findings to the king and decided to see if they could help their friends. The portal returned after some time and the party travelled through it with the aid of a rope tied to the dungeon door so they wouldn't fall.

In the temple, Kittay and Cheddar engaged a group of ghouls and ghasts in a room. Kittay was able to turn the ghouls away immediately, but Cheddar was struck by a ghast and paralyzed. Kittay was having trouble turning them as the party arrived to help. Kittay finished them off by finally turning them. The party, now reunited, made its way deeper into the ancient temple, not really knowing where they were or what they were doing. The party had made their way past a room where the floor had collapsed and featured ledges on both sides and a beam of wood in the middle. Bakari was injured trying to get across the steadier of the two ledges when the wall gave out from the side. The party walked the plank, though shaky, across and made it to the other side.

They found a section of the temple that featured two basilisks. The creatures turned Snoogums to stone before they were defeated by the party. A wight didn't prove a problem for Kittay's turning ability.

At the end of the session, the party was making its way towards a room that featured a large mound of debris and flies buzzing about.

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