Holly Fire

A druid trying to find her place in the world


Str – 10 

Int – 14

Wis – 17

Dex – 12

Con – 14

Char – 16

AC – 6 (leather armor/wooden shield)

HP – 22



Holly has had a troubled time as an adventurer.  She firmly believes in the line between good and evil and wants to find the balance in the world between the two.  Unfortunately, this balance often goes off-kilter as witnessed by the appearances of the time portals which have caused the party to travel back to pre-historic times and have also caused the manifestation of pre-historic creatures in the current setting.

She's watched as her own party members have betrayed and killed each other over differences.  It has made her question her place in the world, but still she perserveres and stays with the group.

She has seen good, such as the rescue and placement of the new druid king.  She has also suffererd some loss with the deaths of beloved creatures, once feral, that she brought under her control through the use of charm spells.  She herself has lost precious life energies at the hands of the undead.

Holly is steeling herself for the troubled days ahead. 

Holly Fire

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